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How do I use your service?

Step 1: Visit the homepage of the website and you will see a search box. Or choose any "search" from the menu at the top of the page.
Step 2: Fill in the required fields and click the "Search Now" button.
Step 3: Click on the access link or follow the instructions on the page to view the results. The search results should appear within a few seconds after the search is completed.

Which countries are supported by our phone lookupnow?

We is a provider of information gathered from publicly available data. Our service operates by aggregating public records from all over the US and Canadian numbers.

Why can't I find the information I want?

If you're having trouble finding a phone number, be sure to check all possible searches and make sure the phone number is spelled correctly. If the relevant result is not obtained, it should be that the number is not registered on the platform. Please forgive!

How accurate is your data?

Our data is not perfect. For example, some older records remain in our database, so you may not get the most authentic information. In addition, the records we visit may have incorrect information. We're always working to provide better data and better products, so if you have questions about a particular record, please contact our support team.

Can I use the service for free or do I need to pay?

We provide basic search results for free. This may include information about the city and state, zip code, phone type, registration company, etc. you search for the phone number. If you want to unlock more information about the number, you can use the paid service of our partner ReversePhoneCheck. You can get a 7-day free trial and are not satisfied with the full refund service.

Can I delete my information?

Yes, we provide data for free to remove the service. Please fill out our contact form to remove your public information from the platform. You can also contact our customer service .

How do I delete an incorrect comment?

If you need to delete comments from other visitors. Please contact us to remove the wrong comment. Be sure to include the number in the email.

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Report (spam) phone number

Here, you can report the phone number and see if it is a legitimate call, message or spam.

  • ● Received a suspicious call (maybe spam)?
  • ● Received a suspected scam call or is already a victim of a scam call?
  • ● Do you suspect this may be a ping call?