Brand new community has been established, where the evaluation
using free unknown caller checks is quick and easy.

Find Phone Number
Find Phone Number
When you receive a call from an unknown number, have you asked yourself: Who is behind this phone number? Phone number lookup will help you find the answer. And the community also provides you with an assessment of the credibility of missed calls.
Community Sharing
Community Sharing
We work together to avoid the harassment of spam callers. We need your help and share your understanding of numbers. Over 500,000 spam messages have been shared in the community.
Report Spam
Report Spam
Have you received a suspicious call and said it was, for example, sales, insurance, investigation? Or you can already confirm that the number is a fraudulent call. Please report here and remind other community users

Complaint statistics received

Complaints received by phone and text messages from the United States:

January 2023 26241013331
December 2022 37366316470
November 2022 229045 11218
October 2022 324362 14583
September 2022 2243597624
August 2022 35901414114

Statistics of complaints received by FTC and FCC in the past six months (Data source: FTC and FCC)

Numbers frequently searched today

Statistics of complaints from states in the U.S. and Canada

The most complaints by month are the telephone numbers and other statistics of the states in the United States:

Who Are We? Doing What?

Curious about a call from an unknown number? Unsure if the call is genuine, we often try to look up the number - only to find little or no useful information. And nowhere reliable to look them up for free.

So we create a community where everyone can participate, where people can find callers for free. Share what you know about unknown numbers. We'll Fill You In On Who The Phone Number Belongs To Along With Providing Details On Which City And State They're From. Our Goal Is To Make It Easier And Faster For Everyone To Get Detailed Information. Now You No Longer Need To Spend Hours Searching For Uselessly On Search Engines Or Social Media Sites.

Report (spam) phone number

Here, you can report the phone number and see if it is a legitimate call, message or spam.

  • ● Received a suspicious call (maybe spam)?
  • ● Received a suspected scam call or is already a victim of a scam call?
  • ● Do you suspect this may be a ping call?