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Oregon is a state in the United States, located on the Pacific coast of the United States, with California to the south and Washington State to the north. The climate is mild and the seasons are clear. Oregon's economy is extremely developed, with a per capita GDP of $87,000. It is an important high-tech center and financial center in the United States. The state was originally an Aboriginal Indian settlement. In 1778, British captain Jay Cork led the crew to acquire beaver skin. In 1792, Bostonese Ronald Cray discovered the Columbia River and named it. Established the Oregon area in 1848. Joined the Union in 1859 and became the 33rd state in the United States.

General information

  • Capital: Salem
  • State: Oregon
  • Largest city: Portland
  • Area: 98,381 sq mi (254,806 km2)
  • Population: 4,093,465
  • Website: http://www.oregon.gov
  • Latitude:: 42° N to 46° 18′ N
  • Longitude: 116° 28′ W to 124° 38′ W

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